Taken Far Too Soon as the Result of Suicide – Bill Mirabella’s Story

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Spring 4-1-2014


Rhetoric 0117


Gavin Feller


This podcast tells the story of Bill Mirabella, a Cedar Rapids native, was a D.J., father, friend and fiance, who took his own life in 2011 after a lifelong battle with depression.

Our project aims to tell the story of Bill Mirabella, who died by suicide in 2011. His fiance, Haley was on the scene moments after he died, therefore she is the only person who truly knows what happened. Bill’s parents have had a hard time coping with his death. They have avoided the word suicide, and talking about Bill’s death. Because of this, some people still don’t truly know what happened to him. We wanted to help Haley get she, Bill, and her son, George’s story out to the public, in hopes to save a life.


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