Wild Bills Coffee Shop – Iowa City’s best hidden gem

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Spring 4-1-2014


Rhetoric 0117


Gavin Feller


Wild Bills, a coffee shop located on the campus of the University of Iowa offers something that no other place does in Iowa City and we wanted to learn more about it.

Our project features the story Wild Bill’s Coffee Shop and how it came to be and what it is. We wanted to inform people of what the shop does for not only the disables but for the general public as well. Many people think that the disabled are not capable of having jobs and interacting with the public but Wild Bills proves that it is possible to do that and both sides benefit from it. This podcast provides an in depth look at the shop from its beginnings to what it has become today. This will make you realize what a gem is hidden in your own community and how much good a little known place can do.


20 West Davenport Street, Iowa City, IA 52246


Copyright © 2014 Tyler Schraeder, Ethan Henke and Danny Wiley


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