Guillermo Villegas – In life, it's not about answering the question. It's about explaining the question, living the question

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Spring 4-1-2014


Rhetoric 0048


Tom Keegan


Guillermo Villegas, a junior at the University of Iowa, explains his life story thus far and how he got to be a neurobiology major as well as a resident DJ at The Summit Bar and Restaurant.

We interviewed Guillermo Villegas, (stage name is Billy Vegas) a current University of Iowa student, with an interesting back-story. Our group first met Billy Vegas, 21, when we were doing interviews for our previous essay on the space The Summit Bar. We felt that he had more to say, and decided to ask him to be the interviewee for our podcast. As our group sat down and listened to his story, we didn't realize how much a 21 year-old could accomplish in a few short years.


100 Burge Hall, Iowa City, IA 52242


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