Curiosity — The Man Behind The Mission

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Oral History

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Fall 10-1-2014


Rhetoric 0141


Gavin Feller


This project highlights the outstanding contribution that James Van Allen had in the scientific community and Iowa City by digging in to his accomplishments and relationships.

We chose to tell the story of James Van Allen because we recognized that the Van Allen Hall was named in honor of him. This was surprising to us because no one in our group ever heard of him. As we started researching him, we found out he is notably one of the most influential people in the scientific community. James had immediate success when his first mission was launched and he discovered Radiation Belts. This discovery led him to receive numerous awards and changed the way humans went to space. However, when we interviewed Robert we found out James also contributed to microwave ovens and much more. After his long career and his passing in 2006, Van Allen Hall and the dedication of an Observatory continue to carry the legacy of his name.

Interviewees' names: Robert Mutel


116 Van Allen Hall, Iowa City, IA 52242


Copyright © 2014 Michaela Carter, Alex Waeghe and Xinyue Zhang


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