Museum of Natural History: Hageboeck Hall of Birds

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Fall 10-1-2014


Rhetoric 0146


Matt Gilchrist


Macbride Hall was built in 1908 in order to serve as the University’s Museum of Natural History (MNH). The Museum houses many exhibits, the mammal hall, the Iowa Hall, and our local giant ground sloth, Rusty. Our research focused on one of the lesser viewed exhibits, the Hageboeck Hall of Birds, more commonly referred to as Bird Hall. The Bird Hall features birds from all across the state, country, and world. It houses a multitude of rarities such as the Red Woodpeckers and the Bald Eagle. Most of the visible bird models are in cases adorned with backdrops depicting their natural habitats. Along with these publicly displayed exhibits, there are hundreds of research-ready specimens tucked away in the Vault and the Attic of the museum. Our podcast focuses mainly on the renovations that occurred to Bird Hall to make it what it is today.


Museum of Natural History, 17 North Clinton Street, Iowa City, IA 52240


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