The Hydraulics Model Annex: Relevant Research on a Global Scale

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Fall 10-1-2014


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Matt Gilchrist


The C. Maxwell Stanley Hydraulics Laboratory (SHL) is nestled along the Iowa River in the intellectually vibrant town of Iowa City, IA. The Hydraulics Model Annex lies a few blocks away behind the University of Iowa’s state-of-the-art recreational center. A basic tour of the facilities reveals a plethora of technological activity. Hydraulics research contains a variety of areas of study: from how cities can get rid of dangerous air bubbles in their sewer systems to how sediments are moved by a river to how computer technology and sensor systems can predict floods across the state. The University of Iowa’s old and respected hydraulics department still turns out new projects in uncharted territories. The fact that the old complex is still standing makes it a symbol of the University of Iowa’s rich, historical past. As a lasting reminder of the University’s initial and continued commitment to STEM areas, professors and students across a variety of disciplines gravitate towards the complex as the facilities open their doors for interdisciplinary collaboration.


300 S Riverside Dr, Iowa City, IA 52246


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