David Rich – "Iowa City's Hidden Tattoo Parlor"

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Fall 10-1-2013


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Alicia Bones


David Rich, a tattoo artist and owner of Vesania Ink in Iowa City, summarizes his various accomplishments and inspiration, and how he overcame the struggle of not being able to obtain public eye due to his lack of a visible storefront.

Our project began with the decision to interview David rich and explore deeper into his tattooing career and life. David's unique upbringing, including living in Alaska in a teepee with his father, and his unique styles of artwork all helped him receive the various awards that he won at conferences he attended. We believed that David deserved wider recognition because of his talents and awards he has won, despite the minimal storefront that he possesses. His store is important because it brings a different type of business to Iowa City's Pedestrian Mall unlike the vast number of bars, restaurants and banks that currently reside there.


114 1/2 E College St, Iowa City, IA 52240


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