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Spring 2017


Latham 3001


Lori Adams


Trial & Error is a student science research blog with the goal of being a supportive platform for young student researchers aspiring towards a field in STEM. Blog posts include students communicating their research projects and reflecting on the failures encountered during project implementation and how these failures were overcome. Submission requests were given to over 30 middle and high school science teachers across the state of Iowa. Individual personalized requests were also sent out to award winners of the 2016 and 2017 State Science and Technology Fair of Iowa (SSTFI), the Iowa Junior Science and Humanities Conference (IJSHS), the Iowa Junior Academy of Science Conference (IJAS) and regional science fairs across Iowa. Social media websites Facebook and Twitter were also created to advertise the blog. Cash prizes were given to the top three blog posts and a total of six blog posts were submitted. By the end of April 2017, the site got a total of 200 unique visitors and an average of 439 page views per week. In the future, the blog hopes to increase readership and contributors by continuing advertisement at regional and state high school research competitions and expanding awareness at national and international high school research competitions.


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