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Spring 2017


Latham 3001


Lori Adams


Stemosphere is a student run science publication that hosts scientific articles and videos. Each piece is created by students in the Latham Science Engagement Initiative, a University of Iowa science outreach program. Our goal is to make science fun, accessible, and educational and to engage the public in scientific discussions. All too often, science articles are either incredibly condescending and full of jargon or oversimplified and the integrity of the research is lost. In this blog, we hope to spark your interest in new research and scientific discoveries and communicate scientific topics in an easy-to-digest way. Stemosphere is completely student directed and edited, with each piece written by fellows in the LSEI. The other main goal of Stemosphere was to promote the science outreach projects completed by the Latham fellows. Therefore, all projects are archived on Stemosphere with descriptions and pictures. In addition, Stemosphere also hosts vlogs, created by a Latham fellow, that follow the journeys of other students in LSEI as they implement their STEM outreach projects. In order to attract an audience to Stemosphere, social media accounts for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook were used to promote articles and the projects of other Latham fellows.

Visit Stemosphere: www.stem-o-sphere.org


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