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Spring 2017


Latham 3001


Lori Adams


In collaboration with The Daily Iowan, my project highlighted national science news by emphasizing the work of researchers on campus. By focusing on the stories of UI scientists and researchers, my project hoped to humanize science by expressing it in accessible terms and relating current scientific research locally. Through this I hope to have placed more emphasis on process than product, specifically looking at what future implications national science news could have for UI researchers. In total, I wrote three separate articles for publication. Some of my favorite fragments of several of my interviews I conducted during the process can be found on this page, compiled into a single audio file. Of my three articles, two had analytics information that I compiled into infographics scattered throughout this narrative. Ultimately, through my articles, I hope to have made topical science research seem less daunting to those who may feel alienated by science. I believe that science, chiefly, is a human process, and its communication ought to emphasize that.


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