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Spring 2017


Latham 3001


Lori Adams


The Precision Medicine Initiative was launched by former President Barack Obama in 2015. In response, research in genomics is continually expanding. Genomic medicine seeks to study the DNA of healthy and sick individuals to create individualized treatment plans for people of various backgrounds. The All of Us research project which is under the National Institute of Health expects to begin recruiting individuals in 2017 to participate in sharing their genetic information, health history, and lifestyle for research purposes. Of course, this can be a frightening proposal to many people. However, for this area of research to move forward, people of all backgrounds must come together and invest in this project. Precision Health U was made to make science less scary in order to encourage individuals to consider participation in genomic research and start discussion about personalized medicine. The Twitter outreach and community engagement aspects both seek to discuss concerns of privacy, the power of these tests, and what the results will mean for the exciting future of healthcare. By sharing scientific news on Twitter in a simplified, tempered manner, Precision Health U is spreading safe, useful information to the public in a new kind of public health initiative.


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