Politicians, Pedestrians, and Prospective Students

Aparna Ajjarapu, University of Iowa
Lance Heady, University of Iowa
Elise Kerns, University of Iowa


“Politicians, Pedestrians, and Prospective Students” focuses on the intersection between science research and politics while highlighting individual student narratives. This project uses video testimonials of students who demonstrate first-hand the ways their research has impacted their academic career. To diversify the content of the project and approach the scientific-political intersection more holistically, the project also incorporates elements that specifically target politicians and the public. While the video series of student narratives helps to understand the individual impact science research has had on students, it will hopefully also be a means for prospective students and the Iowa City public to gain a better understanding of what research looks like and what opportunities it allows. These narratives are also for politicians, in part to help humanize scientific and academic research. We also used a collection of infographics, scattered here and incorporated on this site, that demonstrate funding allocation. These modes are all in attempt to present the message that science research has positive implications not only for students, but for the public and policy makers. Together, approaching these audiences with different mediums, this projects aims to triangulate scientific research presentation and help close the gap between the political and scientific spheres.


More information about the images available on http://ir.uiowa.edu/ideal_latham_images/