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Spring 2017


Latham 3001


Lori Adams


UI Scientists in the Classroom was created to better connect with our community by bringing scientists and students from the University of Iowa into the classrooms of area elementary and middle schools. Professor Emily Finzel provided a model by which these interactions would take place, and this spring our group put this idea into practice with the teachers at Lucas Elementary in Iowa City. During a two visit series, our group went into two different classrooms to interact with the students. The first meeting involved the introduction of the visiting student researchers and their research projects followed by a discussion about the current topic that was being covered in the school's curriculum. The next day, we returned to do an interactive activity with the students in order to better cement the concepts we had covered the previous day while allowing engagement that hopefully made the children better appreciate the aspects of science which are difficult to encompass in traditional curriculums. This collaboration hopes to offer a model for future programs to follow in regards to how to implement simple university engagement and outreach seamlessly into a school's ongoing teaching system.




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Digestive System_Pre-Test.pdf (131 kB)
5th Grade Digestive System Pre-test

Digestive System_Post-Test.pdf (177 kB)
5th Grade Digestive System Post-test

Germination and Growth_Pre-test.pdf (91 kB)
3rd Grade Germination and Growth Post-test

Germination and Growth_Post-test.pdf (79 kB)
3rd Grade Germination and Growth Post-test



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