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Spring 2017


Latham 3001


Lori Adams


The Art of Science focuses on the truly beautiful nature of science. The research being conducted on the University of Iowa campus is astounding and highly relevant to many aspects of society. However, the community lacks information on the science being conducted, and is generally not aware of how awe-inspiring science can be. To help remedy this lack of interaction and knowledge, The Art of Science campaign set out to disseminate eye-catching and vibrant images from scientific research to the Eastern Iowa community. Research figures and journal covers were curated from a number of departments at the University of Iowa with the goal of showcasing the natural beauty of scientific work. These images were annotated in easily-accessible language which described the importance and impact of the findings which were being depicted. Posters were printed with the pictures and displayed in multiple locations in Iowa City/Coralville and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Additionally, social media sites were founded and operated to extend the reach and impact of the project. The Art of Science campaign was conducted with the assistance of the Latham Science Engagement Initiative and is slated to continue through to the Fall of 2017.


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