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Spring 2018


Latham 3001


Lori Adams


For many of today’s youth, online social platforms are their main form of communication and for staying informed. I built my project around that fact to take full advantage of the untapped power of social media. My project was to promote overall scientific literacy and improve awareness of STEM opportunities through the innovative use of all existing social media accounts for the Stem-o-sphere website which consist of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition, I took the initiative to create an additional social media account to represent Stem-O-Sphere on the social media apps known as Snapchat and Tumblr. I focused on producing content through Snapchat and the other social media accounts for the students in the University of Iowa as my main audience to highlight information about STEM research both inside and outside of the university. Ultimately, I maintained all social media accounts and used them to endorse STEM research, other Latham fellows’ projects, and promoted STEM majors by spotlighting certain current faculty and students.


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