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Spring 2018


Latham 3001


Lori Adams


The Mosaic of Cancer is a collection of images submitted by over 40 medical specialists, researchers, cancer patients and loved ones to describe how they see cancer. In this way, cancer is presented as both scientific and human. Doctors and researchers provided images to explain what cancer looks like at microscopic levels, how it manifests as tumors and how cancer is treated. Patients and loved ones submitted images to exemplify how cancer impacts their lives and how they understand cancer through non-scientific images. The goal of The Mosaic is to create understanding and community within those who contributed and view it. The Mosaic is both a teaching tool and an illustration of cancer’s broad impact. No two submitted images are the same, revealing how uniquely each person experiences cancer. The Mosaic has been presented and displayed in multiple venues to evoke emotion and awareness about cancer.


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