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Spring 2019




Lori Adams


This was a project meant to encompass the works of retired faculty in the Department of Biology at the University of Iowa through profile story writing and then an event for each professor to talk at. This project was designed to showcase some of the works of retired professors in an attempt to allure people by reading the profile stories of people with extraordinary backgrounds. I wanted people to understand how the Department of Biology came to be what it is today and inform them that things weren't like they are today. To understand the history and progression behind something is to truly understand it. Not only that, I planned an event to give the individuals that read the profile stories an opportunity to meet and speak with the professors. Therefore, a meet-and-greet event was planned further away from when the profile stories were published so that students could first read the profile stories and have an idea of who these professors were. The purpose of this event was to make these retired professors and professors in general more approachable since there is sometimes a barrier of intimidation that comes into play when students may have to confront professors.


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Jonathan Poulton Talk

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Joseph Frankel Profile

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John Menninger Profile

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Jonathan Poulton Profile



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