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Spring 2019




Lori Adams


My project involved writing a long-form article that profiled Dr. Heather Sander’s research relating to urban greenspace and its benefits to human health and natural systems. The article incorporated informative and humanistic elements, and by weaving these concepts together, the article was compelling and provided some useful and interesting knowledge to readers. I also created a 17 minute video where I rode my bicycle throughout the University of Iowa campus and Iowa City community, showcasing five greenspaces along the way: College Green Park, the Pentacrest, Hubbard Park, Riverfront Crossings Park, and City Park. In the video, I discussed some of the benefits of urban greenspace, its relationship to various sustainability topics, and the ways citizens can take advantage of green spaces. One goal for the project was to publish the article on the University of Iowa Office of Sustainability website and post the video to Stemosphere, University of Iowa communications outlets, and various social media platforms.


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