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Spring 2019




Lori Adams


A Battle in Your Body: The Story of Your Immune System is an illustrated children’s book that explores the roles of different immune cells during an infection. The goal was to provide a basic understanding of the synergy required within the immune system and the number of different cells that work together to fight infections. Following printing of the book, I held a reading for a STEM-focused Girl Scout troop. Development of the book was a semester-long process that required gradual expansion of simple drafts and illustrations, as documented by the sequential photos below, and learning how to format and publish using Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). I hope to expand the book to discuss other aspects of the immune system and relate the actions of the immune system to a concept of ‘sickness’ that makes more sense to children. I may collaborate with immunologists to explore ways to convey some of this information while remaining factual. Future uses of this book would be in school curriculums, science centers, and even to provide basic information to adults with no immunology background.


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