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Spring 2019




Lori Adams


My project is connecting science with visual art via pH drawing and it has changed a lot from my original plan, but the purpose of this project has not been changed. The combination of art and science in this project can help people understand the messages of how their behaver effect the pH of an environment without the limitation of the science background. There are two part in my project. For the first project, I designed a pH paper drawing activity for children in the Linn County STEAM Fair by using the pH indicator paper to simulate a natural environment, such as ocean, soil or even human body, and drawing on it with baking soda solutions that provide a red color. Then, paintings were shown in the Iowa City Public Library. This painting displacement was open to the public, especially the local community within all ages. Paintings are visual art that can enlighten people universally without languages. My goal is to create a new way for people to connect with science by bonding science with art and bring excitement and interest for the general public.


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