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Spring 2019




Lori Adams


Neuroscience is a subject of abundant interest and fascination in the general public; although one can learn about neuroscience through podcasts, seminars, and popular science articles and books, there is not yet a common hands-on way to explore the most current topics in neuroscience. The goal of Neurochet is to allow the general public, especially those who prefer to investigate the world around them through art and activity, to interact with the cutting edge research graduate students carry out at the University of Iowa. In order to accomplish this goal, I interviewed graduate students in biology, psychology, and neuroscience. I recorded videos of these students giving short, accessible talks, learned more about their research, and wrote crochet patterns based off of their work. These talks, as well as their associated patterns, are online to allow people outside the university to access and utilize them. Included in the page below is an extended piece regarding the ideation and process behind the project, as well as examples of the crochet (including the tools used) and one of the associated videos.


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More information about the images available on http://ir.uiowa.edu/ideal_latham_images/