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Spring 2020




Brinda Shetty


As a figure skater and a premed student, I have found that my understanding of science and interest in the human body has helped me better understand certain aspects of the sport and recommendations by coaches. Recent advancements in figure skating have led to questions about the impacts of quadruple jumps on young female athletes. My project aimed at providing coaches with some science background about concepts related to figure skating and correct technique to not only help them with injury prevention, but also to help foster an interest in science in a unique population. After doing research and interviewing figure skating coaches and exercise science experts, I created a brochure, shown in the video, that highlighted key science topics related to figure skating. I planned to distribute this brochure to local ice rinks, but was unable to do so because of the COVID pandemic. I instead chose to electronically deliver the brochure using club email lists, and will distribute the brochure at a later time. I additionally created a blog post, shown in the video, that can be published on Stem-o-sphere that added some off-ice elements to my content since skaters were confined to this training during the pandemic.


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