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Spring 2020




Brinda Shetty


After being inspired by social media, clinical experiences, and travel, Chelsea Higgins published Immunology at Eye Level, a basic guide to the immune system. Chelsea realized that the general public had a fundamental lack of understanding of the immune system, evidenced by the anti-vaccination movement, false information spread online, and overheard patient conversations. Even educated adults can struggle with understanding the news when complex jargon is used, so Chelsea decided to create a guide in an attempt to foster constructive conversations and positive health outcomes among those willing to learn. She described major topics of the immune system, from antibodies to viruses to research, through photos of Kenya, poetry, illustrations, and easily digestible scientific explanations. The photos were meant to show how daily actions and events resemble things that are happening in your immune system without you even realizing. The poetry connected the photo to the text, and the illustrations were added to drive the point home, showing what may be seen at a molecular level. Through creating this book, Chelsea hopes to foster a foundation of immunology knowledge so every educated adult can understand the news or their diagnosis, especially in the age of the covid-19 pandemic.


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