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Spring 2020




Brinda Shetty


The opioid epidemic is one of the greatest public health burdens plaguing the United States, accounting for almost 75,000 deaths in 2018 alone. My project aimed to educate the general public about the origins of prescription opioid addiction and the evolution of modern opiates, while outlining an increasingly accepted harm reduction approach to opioid abuse. The project narrative provides a broad overview of my project, beginning with the initial ideation phase, traversing through partnerships and planning, and culminating in a Facebook Livestream event. Peppered between project aims and email contacts, I describe where my curiosity led me and some of the lessons I learned as a Latham Fellow. Though the artifacts included on this page can be viewed in any order, I would recommend starting here. The Facebook Livestream and the coinciding PowerPoint presentation are posted. Three modes of the presentation are available: slide show, video, and audio. Each mode offers a different way to achieve my initial goal: to provide the greatest number of people with potentially life-saving information.


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