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Spring 2020




Brinda Shetty


Healthy habits and lifestyle choices have been at the forefront of the public mind for years. Even more intriguing is the connection between these habits and the functions of the immune system. While the general public has seemed to understand this concept, there is oftentimes a disconnect when it comes to demonstrating these ideas to young children. The primary goal of The Bod Squad is to bridge this gap. By providing illustrated comparisons of immune cells to superheroes, a relatable plotline, and ideas children can comprehend; this book sets out to offer children a deeper understanding of how their habits impact their health. Public engagement in these conversations was also increased by involving community members in a virtual book reading. This reading, in addition to the published book, have been posted online to make them accessible to individuals outside of the University of Iowa. Included in the page below is a document that further details the ideation and implementation phases of this project. This extended article can be found utilizing the download button on this page. Additionally, pictures and videos depicting the book and virtual reading have been included in this publication. These artifacts are shown above and below this text.


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