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Spring 2020




Brinda Shetty


Social media poses a unique opportunity for scientific information to be spread to a wide and diverse audience. The main goal of this project is to utilize social media to creatively address current issues, political statements, and other easily misconstrued topics. I accomplished this goal through the creation of two infographics, which addressed the Clean Water Act revisions and the impact of COVID-19 on the dairy industry. These two infographics are explained in further detail in one of the associated videos. A secondary goal of this project is to generate more engagement with the stemosphere social media pages. I developed creative content for Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to promote the Latham Fellows and their projects, a sampling of which is included as a slideshow video. The photos displayed with this project showcase some of the most noteworthy content I shared to stemosphere, parts of my creative process for infographic creation, and other organizational tools. My project narrative, accessible through the download button, further outlines the changes, hurdles, and successes I experienced throughout this project’s implementation.


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