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Technical Report

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Iowa Geological Survey. Technical paper

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63 pages


Includes articles: Some Aspects of the Iowa Coal Problem by H. L. Olin; Chemical and Thermal Values of Iowa Coal by H. L. Olin and R. C. Kinne; Comparative Studies in Iowa Coal Storage by H. L. Olin and C. E. Scott; The Weathering Properties of Iowa Coals by H. L. Olin, J. D. Waddell and J. N. Ambrose; The Washing of Iowa Coals by H. L. Oline, Clark Barrett and H. D. Allen; The Coking of Iowa Coals by H. L. Olin, F. V. johnson, Jr. and R. C. Kinne; and The Geology of Iowa Coals by James H. Lees


Issued by the Iowa Geological Survey

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Studies of Iowa Coals. (Iowa Geologic Survey Technical Paper No. 2). Des Moines: State of Iowa, 1930.


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