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The Annual Report series was established in 1892 to publish both administrative reports and results of geological investigations. Reports in the series include information on the geology of Iowa's counties, summary assessments of Iowa's mineral resources (coal, gypsum, sand and gravel, etc.) and summary reports on Iowa's water resources. Annual Reports in this format were issued from 1893 to 1941 when they were discontinued. These reports were the first detailed, systematic reports on Iowa's geology and natural history. Although this work has been superseded by more recent information, it provides a historical background on Iowa geology. The images in these publications are not high quality, but often there are high-quality continuous tone photographs in the Samuel Calvin Photographs collection.

Title history

  • 1st (1892)-v. 38 (1940-41): Iowa Geological Survey. Annual report for ... with accompanying papers
    (ISSN: 2160-5270 (Print) 2160-5300 (Online), ISSN-L 2160-5270)
  • Vol. 39 (1965)-v. 42 (1972): Iowa Geological Survey. Annual report
  • Vol. 43/44 (1973)-v.50 (1979): Iowa Geological Survey. Annual report of the State Geologist to the Geological Board
  • Vol. 51 (1980-81)-v. 55 (1985): Iowa Geological Survey. Annual report of the State Geologist to the Governor
  • Vol. 56 (1986): Iowa. Dept. of Natural Resources. Geological Survey Bureau. Annual report

From 1941 to 1965, no Annual Reports were issued. Since 1965, Annual Reports have been primarily administrative reports, summarizing Survey activities. The results of geological studies have been published in other, more specific series such as Report of Investigations (now discontinued), Technical Information Series, Public Information Circulars (now discontinued), Water Atlases, and Water Supply Bulletins.

The Iowa Geological Survey became part of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources in 1986. This was the last year for which a separate, detailed summary of Iowa Geological Survey activities was printed. Selected highlights of Iowa Geological Survey programs appear in IDNR's annual report beginning in 1987.

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