Volume 18, Issue 3 (1988) Fall

Front Matter


Back Matter

About the Cover Image

Our cover image is of a sculpture by Hanna Damasio. The photograph is by Paul Reimann.


David Hamilton
Managing Editor
Lisa S. Torrey
Business Manager
Mary Hussmann
Kay Amert
Assistant Editor, Poetry
Suzanne Webber
Assistant Editor, Fiction
Ann Reckling
Editorial Assistants
Mary Adams
Mary Anders
Jocelyn Bartkevicius
Lizabeth Carpenter
Jessie Grearson
Chuck Hauck
Juan Felipe Herrera
Bruce Holpert
Clair F. James
Carolyn Jacobson
David Madole
Rochelle Nameroff
L. Dale Rigby
Margarita Robles
Anne Schreiber
James Boyd White
Advisory Board
Panayot Butchvarov
Maria A. Duarte
Eugenia McGee
Allan Megill
Fredrick Woodard
Paul Zimmer