Volume 22, Issue 1 (1992) Winter

Front Matter



Mostly on Mother Country p. 8-21
Eileen Bartos, Carolyn Jacobson, and Marilynne Robinson


Wave p. 120-120
Warren Slesinger

Back Matter

About the Cover Image

Our cover image is a wood and pigment tribal mask of the Lwalwa people, from Zaire, Africa, and is part of The Stanley Collection, The University of Iowa Museum of Art. Among the Lwalwa, masks of this type are used for the initiation and circumcision of young men. The mask is worn by men in dances intended to pacify the spirits of the human victims who were part of the entrance requirements for the men's society. Each performer commissioned the carving of a mask from the village chief, who also organized the dance. Careful definition of geometric patterns of the coiffure, fine detail of the nose and mouth, and scarification on the smooth surface of the face make this mask an excellent example of the type. It was held in place on the dancer's face by a cord that passed through the hole beneath the nose and was clamped between the teeth. This piece will be one of over 200 on display in conjunction with the Ninth Triennial Symposium on African Art sponsored by the School of Art and Art History and the Museum of Art in April, 1992. The photograph is by Randy Tosh.


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