Volume 22, Issue 2 (1992) Spring-Summer

Front Matter



The Essayist and the Query Letter: Selective Speculations p. 136-143
Evan Elliot, E. B. White, Geo. Orwell, Joan Didion, and Virginia Woolf


14 p. 163-163
Kerry Shawn Keys


64 p. 164-164
Kerry Shawn Keys

Back Matter

About the Cover Image

Our front cover image is a wood and pigment tribal mask from the Luluwa people of Zaire, Africa. The masks produced by these people are very rare and it is assumed they were used in circumcision rites. This mask is remarkable for its small size, the delicacy of the facial features, and for the thinness and lightness of the carving. Our back cover reproduces a wooden face mask from the Senufo people of the Ivory Coast in Africa. With its broad, flat, curving horns, its bulging forehead, and its long bovine snout, this face mask looks very much like a buffalo, which is an important, celebratory Senufo symbol of advancement and regeneration in the path to adulthood and fulfillment. Both masks are part of The Stanley Collection at The University of Iowa Museum of Art. The Senufo mask was photographed by C. Randall Tosh.


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