Volume 22, Issue 3 (1992) Fall

Front Matter



An Interview with Carol Bly p. 1-17
Carol Bly, Eileen Bartos, Alyssa Haywoode, and Mary Hussmann


Another Version of Proteus p. 69-70
Jorge Luis Borges and Robert Mezey


Alexandria, 641 A.D. p. 70-71
Jorge Luis Borges and Robert Mezey


General Quiroga Rides to His Death in a Carriage p. 71-72
Jorge Luis Borges, Robert Mezey, and Richard Barnes


Clouds p. 72-72
Jorge Luis Borges, Richard Barnes, and Robert Mezey


Ash p. 73-73
Robert Mezey and Jorge Luis Borges

Back Matter

About the Cover Image

Our cover image reproduces a wooden mask crafted by the Boa people from Zaire, Africa. These masks are extremely rare and have been widely copied. Although most published examples are painted with broad patterns of black and white, only three -- this one, a very similar mask in the collection of the Art Institute of Chicago, and an example in the Royal Museum of Central Africa -- have such enormous ears. Although the use and function of the masks are unknown, they are usually described as war masks that belonged to secret societies or warriors' societies. They have also been described as disguises for hunting monkeys, although their dramatic forms would hardly have offered much reassurance to prey. This piece is part of The Stanley Collection, The University of Iowa Museum of Art, and was one of over 200 on display in conjunction with the Ninth Triennial Symposium on African Art sponsored by the the School of Art and Art History and the Museum of Art in April, 1992.


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