Volume 25, Issue 3 (1995) Fall

Front Matter



The Loss of My Twins p. 52-53
U. Sam Oeur and Ken McCullough


Untitled p. 82-82
Annie Reniers, Adam J. Sorkin, and Eugène Van Itterbeek

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About the Cover Image

Our third cover featuring the work of Leola Bergmann is an intaglio color print, 10" x 15", called "World's End." We'll let it signal, instead, the end of our year. This work began as a formal problem in which the artist tried to work simultaneously with vertically rectangular and with spherical shapes. This led at length to a sense of landscape on which the human figures were the last to arrive. These are stenciled figures, and Ms. Bergmann says their appearance resolved her formal problem. Ms. Bergmann earned a BA in English from St. Olaf College, 1937, and an MA, 1939, and PhD in American Civilization from The University of Iowa in 1942. She is the author of Music Master of the Middle West, University of Minnesota Press, 1944; The Negro in Iowa, Iowa State Historical Society, 1948; Americans from Norway, J. B. Lippincott, 1950; and numerous articles and reviews. From 1964 to 1969, she studied printmaking at Iowa with Mauricio Lasansky, Keith Achepol, and Virginia Myers. Her prints are in numerous private and public collections in this country and abroad. A retrospective of three decades of printmaking was shown in an Iowa City gallery in October, 1994. Her late husband, Gustav Bergmann, was professor of philosophy at The University of Iowa. He lettered the line from Rilke that Ms. Bergmann worked into her print.


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