Volume 28, Issue 1 (1998) Spring

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The Art of Teaching: Interviews with Three Masters p. 1-29
Wendy Deutelbaum, Carol de Saint Victor, Bob Scholes, Mira Merriman, and Stavros Deligiorgis


November p. 191-192
Christopher H. Bonney

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About the Cover Image

This year's covers will feature work from the collection of Dorothy and the late James Schramm of Burlington, Iowa. For more than a half century the Schramms have refined and shaped their collection as Dorothy Schramm continues to do. Many items from their collection have passed on to the Des Moines Arts Center, the Museum of Art at The University of Iowa, and smaller museums around the state to the great benefit of us all. The work on this cover is a painting by Hans Hofmann, a German-American Abstract Expressionist (1880-1966). "The Red Cap" is in oil on canvas, 60 by 48 inches. Its source is in a studio still life, though the work has been said "to recreate the color blue." We reprint it with the permission of Dorothy Schramm, The University of Iowa Museum of Art, and the André Emmerich Gallery, New York.


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