Volume 28, Issue 3 (1998) Winter

Front Matter


Back Matter

About the Cover Image

The work on our front cover is a painting by Arthur Dove. "Across the Road" is wax emulsion on canvas, 25" by 35". We reprint it with the permission of Dorothy Schramm. Our back cover features a woodcut and acrylic work by Anselm Kiefer. "Crane" is 65 3/8" by 62 1/2" and is reprinted with permission of The University of Iowa Museum of Art and Dorothy Schramm.


David Hamilton
Mary Hussmann
Assistant Editors
Kevin Larimer
Brian Lennon
Judith Mitchell
Kay Amert
Editorial Assistants
Mark Baechtel
Santhosh Daniel
Wayne Harrison
Sara Levine
Sarah Manguso
Dalia Rosenfeld
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David Baldus
Frank Conroy
Charles Kremenak
Leslie Simms
Thomas Walz