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On a modern pirate ship, a mystery transpires: who is the crew, how did they get there, and what are they supposed to do with that huge iron bull standing on the deck? This giddy romp of a play imagines a future for the captain of the one vessel that managed to rescue survivors from The Titanic disaster. Invested with a special right – eternal life – he has taken to exploring the world by sea, in search of something worth dying for. Now, trying to save a great city from sliding into decay, he has assembled a crew of misfits to help him fulfill his mission. When they are suddenly captured by the royal naval, they must put their heads together to devise a plan that can save them all – and give the Captain what he has been seeking. With this play, the wildly imaginative Maksym Kurochkin throws us into a tumultuous day at sea, where we ride along with the Captain and his crew of five souls, passionately clinging to life, plus a samurai who has turned up for no apparent reason. By the end of the tale, both the Captain and the samurai have found their purpose, and the crew has turned into a family (in more ways than one). Yet the mystery remains – who will inherit the right of the Captain of the R.M.S. Carpathia: who wants to have eternal life – and what is the price that must be paid for it?

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6 males, 2 females + extras. Set on a pirate ship. Presented by Breaking String Theater at the New Russian Drama festival in Austin, TX (2012).


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