Hanlon, John J.

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In this trailblazing play, the three title figures vie for position in the life of a thirtysomething playwright, who is undergoing a very “Russian” artistic crisis. Determined to get his muse back, the playwright (also known as The Hero) has vowed to jettison one of these debilitating vices from his life. It is up to each of them to convince the Hero that Vodka – or Fucking, or Television – is not the one who should go. As conflicting accusations are hurled around the room, tempers flare, and the Hero is forced both to confront his past and to recognize his true self. Can he figure out what he needs to revitalize his creative genius in time to save his waning career? Astute in its social observations, this gritty domestic comedy leaps from rapid-fire exchanges of blistering insults to inspired arias lionizing the best things left in contemporary Russia. Along the way, it stirs up questions about what all of us, Russians and Americans alike, are doing with our lives – and what we could do without.

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(Winter/Spring) 32

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1 male and 3 characters that may be played by men or women. Single interior. One act. Previously produced at Dad’s Garage in Atlanta (2007), in Baltimore as part of CITD’s New Russian Drama festival (2009), by Breaking String Theater in Austin, TX (2012) and by 5pound Theatre in Melbourne, AU (2013).


Copyright © 2012, John J. Hanlon. Original language version copyright © 2003, Maksym Kurochkin.