Publications by faculty in the University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication.


Publications from 2010

Why blog? (then and now): Exploring the motivations for blogging by popular American political bloggers, Brian Ekdale, Kang Namkoong, Timothy K.F. Fung, and David Perlmutter

YouTube and Proposition 8: A case study in video activism , Kjerstin Thorson, Brian Ekdale, Porismita Borah, Kang Namkoong, and Chirag Shah

Credibility in Context: How uncivil online commentary affects news credibility, Kjerstin Thorson, Emily Vraga, and Brian Ekdale

Publications from 2009

Crafting lifestyles in urban Africa: Young Ghanaians in the world of online friendship, Jo Ellen Fair, Melissa Tully, Brian Ekdale, and Rabiu K.B. Asante

Publications from 2007


Sex and Spectacle in Seventeen Magazine: A Feminist Myth Analysis, Meenakshi Gigi Durham