Publications by faculty in the University of Iowa College of Law.

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Publications from 2011

Engineering Equality: An Essay on European Anti-discrimination Law, Alexander Somek

Europe: Political, Not Cosmopolitan, Alexander Somek

From the Rule of Law to the Constitutionalist Makeover: Changing European Conceptions of Public International Law, Alexander Somek

Rechtsverhältnis und aufrechter Gang: Rechtsethik im zweiten Versuch [Legal Relationship and Upright Gait], Alexander Somek

The Social Question in a Transnational Context, Alexander Somek

The Spirit of Legal Positivism, Alexander Somek

Über kosmopolitische Selbstbestimmung [On Cosmopolitan Self-Determination], Alexander Somek


Whose Claim Is This Anyway? Third-Party Litigation Funding, Maya Steinitz


Contingent Fees and Third Party Funding in Investment Arbitration Disputes, Maya Steinitz and Joseph Matthews

Preventing Significant Deterioration Under the Clean Air Act: Area Classification, Initial Allocation, and Redesignation, John-Mark Stensvaag

Preventing Significant Deterioration Under the Clean Air Act: The BACT Determination - Part I, John-Mark Stensvaag

Preventing Significant Deterioration Under the Clean Air Act: The BACT Requirement and BACT Definition, John-Mark Stensvaag

Constitutional Exclusion: The Rules, James J. Tomkovicz

Davis v. United States: The Exclusion Revolution Continues, James J. Tomkovicz

Introduction: Towards Gender Equality in Palestine, Adrien K. Wing

After the Last Judgment: The Future of the Egyptian Constitution, Adrien K. Wing and Hisham A. Kassim

Women’s Rights in the Muslim World and the Age of Obama (Symposium: Human Rights & U.S. Standing Under the Obama Administration), Adrien K. Wing and Peter P. Nadimi

Solicitation, Extortion, and the FCPA,, Joseph W. Yockey

Publications from 2010

Tribute to Dean Carolyn C. Jones, Eric G. Andersen


Iowa Real Property Law: A Program Materials Index, Patrick Bauer


Iowa's Homestead Exemption: Three Decades of Bankruptcy Court Application and Development, Patrick B. Bauer

Copyright Harm and Reform, Christina Bohannan

Copyright Infringement and Harmless Speech, Christina Bohannan

Taming the Derivative Works Right: A Modest Proposal for Reducing Overbreadth and Vagueness in Copyright, Christina Bohannan

IP and Antitrust: Reformation and Harm, Christina Bohannan and Herbert Hovenkamp

Contract Law: Selected Source Materials, 2010 ed., Steven J. Burton

An Opening for Voice in the Global Economic Order: The Global Financial Crisis and Emerging Economies, Enrique R. Carrasco

Crisis and Opportunity: Emerging Economies and the Financial Stability Board, Enrique R. Carrasco

The Global Financial Crisis and the Financial Stability Forum: The Awakening and Transformation of an International Body (Global Financial and Economic Crisis Symposium), Enrique R. Carrasco


Regional Minorities, Immigrants, and Migrants: The Reframing of Minority Language Rights in Europe, Stella Elias

Families Across Borders: The Hague Children’s Conventions and the Case for International Family Law in the United States, Ann Laquer Estin

Making Sense of Blackstone’s Puzzle: Why Forbid Defense Counsel? (Symposium: Making Sense of the Past: When History Meets Law), Thomas P. Gallanis

The Flexible Family in Three Dimensions, Thomas P. Gallanis

Uniform Trust and Estate Statutes, 2010 - 2011 ed., Thomas P. Gallanis

Victorian Reform of Civil Litigation in the Superior Courts of Common Law, Thomas P. Gallanis

Estates, Future Interests, and Powers of Appointment in a Nutshell, 4th ed., Thomas P. Gallanis and Lawrence Waggoner


Legislative Entrenchment Rules in the Tax Law, Amandeep S. Grewal

American Needle: the Sherman Act, Conspiracy, and Exclusion, Herbert J. Hovenkamp

Harvard, Chicago, and Transaction Cost Economics in Antitrust Analysis, Herbert J. Hovenkamp

The Federal Trade Commission and the Sherman Act, Herbert J. Hovenkamp

The FTC’s Anticompetitive Pricing Case Against Intel, Herbert J. Hovenkamp

The Law of Vertical Integration and the Business Firm: 1880 - 1960, Herbert J. Hovenkamp

The Legal Periphery of Dominant Firm Conduct, Herbert J. Hovenkamp

The Obama Administration and Section 2 of the Sherman Act (Antitrust Conference in Honor of Joseph Brodley), , Herbert J. Hovenkamp

The Pleading Problem in Antitrust Cases and Beyond, Herbert J. Hovenkamp

Tying Arrangements and Antitrust Harm, Herbert J. Hovenkamp and Erik Hovenkamp

IP and Antitrust: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles Applied to Intellectual Property Law, 2nd ed., Herbert J. Hovenkamp, Mark D. Janis, and Mark A. Lemley

Uniform Protection of Genetic Information in Employment Act (2010), Sheldon F Kurtz

Wills, Trusts, and Estates Including Taxation and Future Interests, 4th ed., Sheldon F. Kurtz, William M. McGovern, and David M. English

Achilleus Now: Core Texts, the Good Life, and Democratic Society , Robert Miller

Lyondell Chemical Co. v. Ryan: The Duty of Good Faith Comes to Revlon-Land, Robert Miller

NOL Pill Reloaded: Selectica, Inc. v. Versata Enterprises, Inc., Robert Miller

Oversight Liability for Risk-Management Failures at Financial Firms, Robert Miller

Review of Permutations of Order: Religion and Law as Contested Sovereignties, edited by Thomas G. Kirsch and Bertram Turner., Robert Miller

The Board’s Duty to Monitor Risk After Citigroup, Robert Miller

Another Hair Piece: Exploring New Strands of Analysis Under Title VII, Angela Onwuachi-Willig

Complimentary Discrimination and Complementary Discrimination in Faculty Hiring, Angela Onwuachi-Willig

Multiracialism and the Social Construction of Race: The Story of Hudgins v. Wrights, Angela Onwuachi-Willig

Teaching Employment Discrimination, Angela Onwuachi-Willig

Pregnant Man?: A Conversation: All in the Family, Angela Onwuachi-Willig and Jacob Willig-Onwuachi

Ascribing Individual Liability Within a Bureaucracy of Murder, Mark J. Osiel

When Law ‘Expresses’ More Than It Cares to Admit: Comments on Heller, Mark J. Osiel


Instrumentalizing Jurors: An Argument Against the Fourth Amendment Exclusionary Rule (Symposium: The Future of the Exclusionary Rule and the Aftereffects of the Herring and Hudson Decisions, Todd Edward Pettys


Sodom’s Shadow: The Uncertain Line Between Public and Private Morality, Todd Edward Pettys

The Vitality of the American Sovereign review of American Sovereigns: The People and America’s Constitutional Tradition Before the Civil War, by Christian G. Fritz. 108 Michigan Law Review 939 (2010), 17 pages., Todd Edward Pettys


The Federal Circuit and Inequitable Conduct: An Empirical Assesment, Jason A. Rantanen, Lee Petherbridge, and Ali Mojibi

Preface, John C. Reitz

Public-Private Partnerships, John C. Reitz

Welcoming the World: U.S. National Reports to the XVIIIth International Congress of Comparative Law, John C. Reitz and Symeon C. Symeonides

A Comparative Study: Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals Under the Fair Housing Act and the Americans With Disabilities Act & An Overview of Assistance Animal Laws of Select States: A Report to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission (2010), Leonard Sandler

The Use of Undercover Testers to Detect and Eliminate Discrimination in the Selection and Hiring of Employees, Leonard Sandler

The Washington Court Housing Survey: A Study of Accessibility and Universal Design in Affordable Housing - Executive Summary, Leonard Sandler

Administration without Sovereignty, Alexander Somek

Die Verfassung im Zeitalter ihrer transnationalen Reproduzierbarkeit [The Constitution In an Age of Its Transnational Reproductability], Alexander Somek

Dynamique Juridique: Une Brève Explication [Legal Dynamics: A Brief Exposition], Alexander Somek

The Argument from Transnational Effects II: Establishing Transnational Democracy, Alexander Somek

The Argument from Transnational Effects I: Representing Outsiders through Freedom of Movement, Alexander Somek

The Emancipation of Legal Dissonance, Alexander Somek

A Singular Conscience: In Re Summers (Symposium: Special Issue in Honor of Clyde W. Summers), Lea S. VanderVelde

Conceptualizing Global Substantive Justice in the Age of Obama, Adrien K. Wing

Global Commitments to Human Rights in National Courts in the Age of Obama, Adrien K. Wing

One L Redux, Adrien K. Wing

Publications from 2009

Religion and Social Welfare in the United States: The Case of Charitable Choice, Eric G. Andersen


Recent Iowa Mortgage Foreclosure Legislation, Patrick B. Bauer

Contract Law: Selected Source Materials, 2009 ed., Steven J. Burton

Elements of Contract Interpretation, Steven J. Burton

Andrew Inglis Clark’s Draft Constitution, Chapter III of the Australian Constitution, and the Assist from Article III of the Constitution of the United States, William G. Buss

International Environmental Law, Climate Change, and Intergenerational Justice” (Appendix A, Background Paper No. 8), Jonathan C. Carlson

Reflections on a Problem of Climate Justice: Climate Change and the Rights of States in a Minimalist International Legal Order, Jonathan C. Carlson


Rethinking ‘Preventive Detention’ from a Comparative Perspective: Three Frameworks for Detaining Terrorist Suspects, Stella Elias

Marital and Nonmarital Unions: Legal and Public-Policy Perspectives, Ann Laquer Estin

Sharing Governance: Family Law in Congress and the States, Ann Laquer Estin

Transnational Family Finances and the United States, Ann Laquer Estin

Unofficial Family Law, Ann Laquer Estin

Courts: English, Thomas P. Gallanis

Death by Disaster: Anglo-American Presumptions, 1766-2006, Thomas P. Gallanis

Evidence: English Common Law, Thomas P. Gallanis

Ordeal in English Common Law, Thomas P. Gallanis

Reasonable Doubt and the History of the Criminal Trial review of The Origins of Reasonable Doubt, by James Q. Whitman., Thomas P. Gallanis

Trial by Battle: English Common Law, Thomas P. Gallanis