Publications by faculty in the University of Iowa College of Law.

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Publications from 2009

Amalgamated Food Employees Union Local 590 v. Logan Valley Plaza (1968), Paul Gowder

Masson v. New Yorker Magazine 501 U.S. 496 (1991), Paul Gowder

Noerr-Pennington Doctrine, Paul Gowder

PruneYard Shopping Center v. Robins (1980), Paul Gowder

Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robins 447 U.S. 74 (1980), Paul Gowder

Secrecy as Mystification of Power: Meaning and Ethics in the Security State (Symposium: Federal Secrecy Policy After September 11 and the Future of the Information Society), Paul Gowder

Shopping Malls and the First Amendment, Paul Gowder

Introduction to The Neal Report and the Crisis in Antitrust, Herbert J. Hovenkamp

The Viability of Antitrust Price Squeeze Claims, Herbert J. Hovenkamp and Erik N. Hovenkamp

Antitrust Law: Policy and Procedure: Cases and Materials, 6th ed., Herbert J. Hovenkamp and E. Thomas Sullivan

Introduction to a Frank Conversation (Symposium: Media, Race, and the Death Penalty), Emily Hughes

Mitigating Death, Emily Hughes

Dollars and Selves: Women’s Tax Criticism and Resistance in the 1870s, Carolyn Jones

Split Income and Separate Spheres: Tax Law and Gender Roles in the 1940s, Carolyn Jones

The UPC Addresses the Class-Gift and Intestacy Rights of Children of Assisted Reproduction Technologies, Sheldon F. Kurtz and Lawrence W. Waggoner

Canceling the Deal: Two Models of Material Adverse Change Clauses in Business Combination Agreements, Robert Miller

Hexion v. Huntsman: Elaborating the Delaware MAC Standard, Robert Miller

Morals in a Market Bubble (Symposium: The Fallout from the Bailout: The Impact of the 2008 Bailout on Lending Regulation, Securities Regulations, and Business Ethics), Robert Miller

Review of Toward a Theory of Human Rights, by Michael J. Perry. , Robert Miller

Review of Worship and Sin: An Exploration of Religion-Related Crime in the United States, by Karel Kurst-Swanger. , Robert Miller

The Economics of Deal Risk: Allocating Risk Through MAC Clauses in Business Combination Agreements, Robert Miller

Celebrating Critical Race Theory at 20, Angela Onwuachi-Willig

The Black Divide on Affirmative Action, Angela Onwuachi-Willig

The Declining Significance of Presidential Races? (Symposium: Race and Socioeconomic Class: Examining an Increasingly Complex Tapestry), Angela Onwuachi-Willig and Osamudia James

A House Divided: The Invisibility of the Multiracial Family, Angela Onwuachi-Willig and Jacob Willig-Onwuachi

How Should the ICC Office of the Prosecutor Choose Its Cases? The Multiple Meanings of ‘Situational Gravity’, ”, Mark J. Osiel

Making Sense of Mass Atrocity, Mark J. Osiel

The End of Reciprocity: Terror, Torture, and the Law of War, Mark J. Osiel

Counsel and Confrontation, Todd Edward Pettys

The Myth of the Written Constitution, Todd Edward Pettys

John C. Reitz,, Toward a Study of the Ecology of Judicial Activism?”, John C. Reitz

Legal Origins, Comparative Law, and Political Economy (Symposium on Legal Origins), John C. Reitz

The Washington Court Housing Survey: A Study of Accessibility and Universal Design in Affordable Housing, Leonard Sandler

Demokratie als Verwaltung. Wider die deliberativ halbierte Demokratie [Democracy as Administration: Against the ‘Deliberative’ Truncation of Democracy], Alexander Somek

Idealization, De-Politicization and Economic Due Process: System Transition in the European Union, Alexander Somek

Konstitution ohne Emanzipation [Constitution without Emancipation], Alexander Somek

Rechtsdynamik für Eilige - Hans Kelsen über Gewaltenteilung [Legal Dynamics for Beginners], Alexander Somek

The Concept of ‘Law’ in Global Administrative Law: A Reply to Benedict Kingsbury, Alexander Somek

The Indelible Science of Law, Alexander Somek

Internationalized Pro Bono and a New Global Role for Lawyers in the 21st Century: Lessons from Nation-Building in Southern Sudan, Maya Steinitz

The Impact of Sovereign Wealth Funds on the Regulation of Foreign Direct Investment in Strategic Industries: A Comparative View, Maya Steinitz and Michael Ingrassia

Mrs. Dred Scott: A Life on Slavery’s Frontier, Lea S. VanderVelde

Working Group on Chapter 2 of the Proposed Restatement of Employment Law: Employment Contracts: Termination, Lea S. VanderVelde, Matthew W. Finkin, Stephen F. Befort, and William Corbett

Child Labor in Human Rights Law and Policy Perspective, Burns H. Weston

Recalibrating the Law of Humans with the Laws of Nature: Climate Change, Human Rights, and Intergenerational Justice, Burns H. Weston and Tracy Bach

Critical Race Feminism in the Age of the War Against Terrorism, Adrien K. Wing

Foreword, Adrien K. Wing

International Law, Secularism and the Islamic World, Adrien K. Wing

Review of Laws Having Racially Disparate Impacts, Adrien K. Wing

Space Traders for the Twenty-First Century, Adrien K. Wing

Founding Mothers for a Palestinian Constitution, Adrien K. Wing and Hisham Kassim

Governance and Accountability: The Regional Development Banks, Adrien K. Wing, Jeremy Levitt, and Craig Jackson

An Agenda for the Obama Administration on Gender Equality: Lessons from Abroad, Adrien K. Wing and Samuel P. Nielson

Gaza, Gender and the Age of Obama, Adrien K. Wing and Samuel P. Nielson

On the Role and Regulation of Private Negotiations in Governance, , Joseph W. Yockey

Publications from 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For: Succeeding in the Dean Candidate Pool (Symposium: Promoting Diversity in Deanships), Gail B. Agrawal

Protecting Religious Liberty Through the Establishment Clause: The Case of the United Effort Plan Trust Litigation, Eric G. Andersen

Copyright Preemption of Contracts, Christina Bohannan

An Act Related to Open Records and Public Meetings, Arthur E Bonfield

Contract Law: Selected Source Materials, 2008 ed., Steven J. Burton

The Legal Environment, Steven J. Burton

American Arbitration Principles and Practice, Steven J. Burton, Robert B. von Mehren, and George W. Coombe Jr.

National Labor Relations Board v. Jones & Laughlin Steel, 301 U.S. 1 (1937), William G. Buss

The World Bank’s Inspection Panel: Promoting True Accountability Through Arbitration, Enrique R. Carrasco and Alison K. Guernsey


‘Good Reason to Believe’: Widespread Constitutional Violations in the Course of Immigration Enforcement and the Case for Revisiting Lopez-Mendoza, Stella Elias

Divergent Paths: Same-Sex Partnership Rights in the United States, Ann Laquer Estin

Embracing Tradition: Pluralism in American Family Law, Ann Laquer Estin

Golden Anniversary Reflections: Changes in Marriage after Fifty Years, Ann Laquer Estin

Introduction, Ann Laquer Estin

The Multi-Cultural Family, Ann Laquer Estin

Frontiers of Succession (Symposium: The Law of Succession in the 21st Century), Thomas P. Gallanis

Review of Conquered England: Kingship, Succession, and Tenure 1066 - 1166, by George Garnett. , Thomas P. Gallanis

Review of Crime and Law in England, 1750 - 1840: Remaking Justice from the Margins, by Peter King., Thomas P. Gallanis

Review of Crime, Police, and Penal Policy: European Experiences 1750-1940, by Clive Emsley., Thomas P. Gallanis

Governmental Efforts to Improve Quality of Care for Nursing Home Residents and to Protect Them from Mistreatment: A Survey of Federal and State Laws, Josephine Gittler

Nursing Home Staffing and Training Recommendations for Promoting Older Adults’ Quality of Care and Life: Part 1. Deficits in the Quality of Care Due to Understaffing and Undertraining, Josephine Gittler

Nursing Home Staffing and Training Recommendations for Promoting Older Adults’ Quality of Care and Life: Part 2. Increasing Nurse Staffing and Training, Josephine Gittler

Innovation and the Domain of Competition Policy, Herbert J. Hovenkamp

Schumpeterian Competition and Antitrust, Herbert J. Hovenkamp

The Intellectual Property-Antitrust Interface, Herbert J. Hovenkamp

Exclusionary Bundled Discounts and the Antitrust Modernization Commission, Herbert J. Hovenkamp and Erik N. Hovenkamp

Taking First-Year Students to Court: Disorienting Moments as Catalysts for Change (Symposium: New Directions in Clinical Legal Education), Emily Hughes

Amendments to Uniform Probate Code (2008), Sheldon F Kurtz


Give land back to the Iowa River, Marc Linder

CEOs Are Only Human, Robert Miller

Intervention and Free Markets, Robert Miller

Lawless Ends review of Law as a Means to an End: Threat to the Rule of Law, by Brian Z. Tamanaha. , Robert Miller

The Coase Theorem and the Preferential Option for the Poor (Symposium: The Meaning of the Preferential Option for the Poor for Law and Policy), Robert Miller

Wrongful Omissions by Corporate Directors: Stone v. Ritter and Adapting the Process Model of the Delaware Business Judgment Rule, Robert Miller

Achilleus Now: Core Texts, the Good Life, and Democratic Society, Robert T. Miller

Multiracialism and the Social Construction of Race: The Story of Hudgins v. Wrights, Angela Onwuachi-Willig

In Defense of Liberal Show Trials – Nuremberg and Beyond, Mark J. Osiel

Popular Constitutionalism and Relaxing the Dead Hand: Can the People Be Trusted?”, Todd Edward Pettys

The Immoral Application of Exclusionary Rules, Todd Edward Pettys

Politics, Executive Dominance, and Transformative Law in the Culture of Judicial Independence, John C. Reitz

Adel/Aristokratie [Aristocracy, Nobility], Alexander Somek

Das europäische Sozialmodell: Diskriminierungsschutz und Wettbewerb . [The European Social Model: Protection against Discrimination and Competition], Alexander Somek

Individualism: An Essay on the Authority of the European Union, Alexander Somek

Legalität Heute: Variationen über ein Thema von Max Weber [Legality Today: Varations on a Theme by Max Weber], Alexander Somek

The Owl of Minerva: Constitutional Discourse before its Conclusion review of The Paradox of Constitutionalism: Constituent Power and Constitutional Form, edited by Martin Loughlin and Neil Walker. , Alexander Somek