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Digitization in the Real World

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Digital Library Services (DLS) at the University of Iowa Libraries has progressively worked toward coordinating more large-scale, “left-to-right” digitization projects both within the libraries and across campus, moving away from model of web exhibits that were often created before the department was formed in 2005. However, a variety of situations still call for small-scale projects. This chapter, describing the design and production of the “W9XK Experimental Television Digital Collection”, attempts to show that small-scale digitization projects can bridge that gap, and yield collections that rise above the level of web exhibits in their usefulness to scholars and the general public by limiting exclusive selection and promoting comprehensiveness. While mirroring this approach of mass-digitization, digital librarians can also use curatorial decisions and software functionality to further assist users of these small-scale collections.


Digital collections, Digital libraries, Digitization, Archives, Web exhibits

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Mark F. Anderson. "Scaling Back for an “Experimental” Collection" Digitization in the Real World. Ed. Kwong Bor Ng & Jason Kucsma. New York: METRO (Metropolitan New York Library Council), 2010. 321-332.


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