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Medical Library Association

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Austin, Texas


Objectives: Since its launching in 1966, the number of citations added in PubMed grows larger each year. In this poster, we will analyze the growth of literature on food-diet-nutrition (FDN) subjects and compare the publication trend of citations for FDN subjects to that of citations for all other subjects.

Methods: We have found that the rate of growth in citations added for most subjects is fairly similar. One exception is FDN subjects. Until around 1990, the growth of citations for FDN was slower than for other subjects. However, since 1990, that rate has become notably faster. We will illustrate the steady growth in citations for general FDN terms since 1990, and we will also look at specific terms that have sparked particular research interest for shorter segments of time. For example, in the early years of increased research in interest in FDN subjects, "dietary fiber" was an especially common topic of research.


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