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Spring 5-17-2015

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Medical Library Association

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Austin, Texas


Objectives: With the surging popularity of plant-based foods, our diet is quickly moving beyond the limited "Where's the Beef?" habits of many Americans. Unlike the standard meat-based diet, which includes just a few kinds of meat, plant-based foods come from a wide variety of plants. In thisposter we'll examine how PubMed’s MeSH tree structure facilitates searching this rich variety.

Methods: Searching for plant-based foods (PBFs) in PubMed is tricky because most of these are indexed in the Plants explosion, and not in the Food explosion. However, combining a Food-Diet-Nutrition hedge that we have developed with the Plants explosion makes it much easier. Although having most PBFs in the Plants explosion has disadvantages, it also has an advantage - PBFs are classified in the Plants explosion by plant family, putting taxonomically related plants together. Being able to search by family in PubMed is valuable because plant families have biochemical distinctiveness, which affects their nutrition. In this poster, we’ll describe how we have been able to use our Food-Diet-Nutrition hedge to find which plant families have the most articles. We will discuss these families, and show examples of specific foods that they contain.


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