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Spring 4-24-2017

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Invited Talk at Columbia University, Co-Sponsored by Columbia University Libraries' Global Studies division and the Rare Book and Manuscript Library in partnership with the Columbia Center for Teaching and Footprints Jewish Books through Time and Space

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New York, New York

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62 pages


Codex Conquest: The Game of Book History teaches students the contemporary value of historical printed books and how these books changed history by contributing to technological advancements, scientific breakthroughs, artistic triumphs, and political shifts from the fifteenth through the nineteenth century. Each player represents a curator competing to create as many high value collections as possible for his or her national library. This presentation discusses the pedagogy, rules, and development of Codex Conquest as an introduction before game play.


rare books, game, teaching


These slides are from April 2017 and may not reflect future changes or adaptations of the game as it continues its life as an open educational resource.


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