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NEH Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities Summer Institute : Theory and Practice in 3D Modeling of Cultural Heritage Sites

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Los Angeles, CA

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Scholars are producing and using 3D content more than ever due the advancement and availability of 3D technology. How is this 3D content being preserved and disseminated? How is this digital scholarship being made available for pedagogical and research purposes? Where can one find repositories of 3D models and environments? Librarians and Information Professionals, with their expertise in research data management, digital curation, content delivery, and metadata creation, should be at the forefront of these issues. Increasingly, libraries are stepping into the role of supporting the research and pedagogical needs of scholars working with 3D. This paper explores what libraries are currently doing to support researchers and educators working with 3D, and also investigates what more needs to be done by libraries to ensure that this digital content is preserved and disseminated, enabling further humanistic inquiry and advancing scholarship of our shared cultural heritage.


3d, cultural heritage, virtual heritage, library, research, 3d modeling, 3d scanning

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