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Coalition for Networked Information Fall 2017 Membership Meeting

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Washington, DC

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28 pages


Research universities and their academic libraries are racing to develop methodologies and solutions for handling research outputs, particularly datasets, visualizations and publication data, in compliance with the growing number of policies and mandates while increasing the impact of the outputs. Researchers are likewise under pressure to do their work faster and more efficiently. They are doing this while also looking for ways to maximize the impact of their research in order to better position themselves to achieve the next big grant, research breakthrough and advance their career. What can we do to move forward collectively and for the greater good? This session will examine the challenges involved by featuring three panelists, two librarians from two different research institutions and a systems developer, presenting the perspectives of the librarian, researcher, and other stakeholders, all in a lively dialogue format. Then, with the challenges identified and listed, the session will look at a possible solution via a new library–led initiative being launched that will bring together a number of universities and Ex Libris in order to develop a new approach to increase visibility, impact and compliance of research outputs and data while serving the multiple stakeholders.


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