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In the summer of 2016, NASIG formed the Digital Preservation Task Force to expand awareness and education about digital preservation needs and challenges amongst its members and beyond. Library Publishers form a unique constituency in the scholarly communications ecosystem, as they are both libraries who need reliable preservation for their patrons and publishers who must ensure preservation of their content. How broadly are library publishers aware about digital preservation initiatives currently underway, including CLOCKSS, Portico, The Keepers, and national library initiatives? How is digital preservation evolving and changing in response to things like new formats and software? Please join us for a discussion on how these stakeholder perspectives overlap for library publishers. Come prepared with your questions and perspectives.


preservation, publishing, journals


Heather Staines presented "NASIG Digital Preservation Task Force". Wendy C Robertson presented "Digital Preservation and Small Library Publishers". Jeremy Morse presented "Preservation Policies, And Why Every Publisher Needs One"


Copyright © 2018 Heather Staines, Wendy C Robertson, and Jeremy Morse

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