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Special Libraries Association 2019 Conference

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Cleveland, OH


Instructors often think that an online course need not be more than recording lectures, moving content online, and doing exactly what one does in an in-person class. In fact, creating an engaging online course means adapting to change and considering the unique perspective of students in an online environment. In the fall of 2018 I participated in an intensive 8 week faculty development program, Design4Online, run by the University of Iowa’s Distance and Online Education instructional designers. This hybrid program, which had us meet in-person as well as complete additional online course tasks, took us through a number of topics, including: course alignment and syllabus development, assessment and instructional strategies, engagement, course management, and evaluation. I will describe some of these topics in more detail and discuss how I applied them to our librarian taught Business Research course in the spring of 2019. The changes and enhancements I have made have positively affected student engagement and interaction, course feel, and learning outcomes. The Design4Online program, in particular participating in the online component of the program, and working collaboratively with faculty across campus, has helped me to reinvent our online business research course.


online course, course development, course design, alignment, syllabus, assessment, instruction, engagement


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