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Faculty at many large academic institutions have endorsed author addenda, to be used by authors when signing a publication agreement. These addenda, if accepted by the publisher, allow the author to retain rights to use their work in several ways. Some examples are: freely posting their article on their own Web sites, depositing copies of their work in a repository (institutional or disciplinary), and using their work in future works, such as new editions or in ways not yet imagined. In short, an addendum allows authors to share their research more widely, and gives them the added benefit of increasing the impact of their research and creative outputs. This survey was designed to investigate whether and how ARL member libraries are educating authors about their copyrights and promoting the use of author addenda to publication agreements. It explores which addenda have been endorsed and/or promoted, how the library is supporting authors’ use of addenda, which library staff are promoting author addenda and how they are trained, and what kinds of activities the library has engaged in to educate authors about using addenda.


copyright, author rights, author addendum, libraries, scholarly communication

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Fischer, Karen S. SPEC Kit 310 Author Addenda. Washington, DC : Association of Research Libraries, July 2009.


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