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Conference Paper

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Fall 10-9-2011

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Midwest MLA/IHSLA Annual Meeting

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Indianapolis, IN


Purpose: Our library staff has been partnering with faculty to develop curricula using simulation equipment for various outreach programs to youth in the state. The simulation center is housed and managed by our library. This presentation will recount the development and expansion of this two-year old program and describe its various components. The programs are aimed at grades 5-12 to stimulate interest in science and health care professions through engagement and participation in a variety of interactive educational sessions using simulation equipment, such as eye exams, neurological/cognitive assessments, and cardiac rhythm evaluation.

Methods: The focus of the paper will be on the description of the library’s curriculum, including descriptions of the various activity stations for participants, the use of simulation equipment by the students, and the value of staff expertise to provide the participants with a sense of what it is like to be a health sciences student or practitioner. Additionally, the presentation will provide background on the history of our library’s simulation center.

Results: The paper will provide data about the various programs, discussion on the amount of staff commitment required to be successful, as well as present other challenges and solutions for improving the curriculum, including plans for the future development of this program.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the paper will discuss the simulation center’s contribution to the overall mini medical school curriculum, and how it has expanded to other health sciences pipeline recruitment initiatives with an emphasis on underrepresented minorities.


junior mini medical school, outreach, simulation, collaboration


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